Setting Up Your Perform Ergo Chair

Download Setting Up Your Perform Ergo Chair PDF

By Michael Roberts; Physiotherapist & Designer of the Perform Ergo Chair

Thanks for using a Perform Ergo Chair - make sure you adjust the chair to suit your body - and re-adjust it often to suit your daily comfort needs.

Step 1 - Set the seat height
Sit up straight and let your left arm hang directly down from your shoulder. Using the front lever on the right side of the seat, raise or lower the seat until your left elbow (when bent at 90º) is just above your desktop height (see picture). If your feet are not solidly on the floor at this height you should get a footrest. We recommend a firm and fairly flat footrest for most people.

Step 2 - Set the backrest height
The curve of the backrest should fit snugly into the small of your back when you sit your bottom into the back of the seat and recline back. Use the knob at the rear of the seat to loosen the backrest post and change the height to be most comfortable (you may need to go around to the back of the chair to adjust this). Most people need a small gap between the bottom of the backrest and the seat. When backrest is at optimal height, tighten off firmly with the triangular knob.

Step 3 - Adjust the backrest angle
Here is a major benefit of the Perform Ergo Chair; using the rear lever on the right hand side adjust the angle of the backrest so it is reclined somewhere between 95º and 110º - so you can sit back and let your shoulders and whole back feel well supported by the backrest.

Step 4 - Adjust the seat tilt
Using the lever under the left hand side of the seat, adjust the seat angle to suit your preference. Many people prefer the seat flat. Some people like the seat tilted back a bit; this tends to "hold" you in the chair snugly (try it; especially if you have a footrest or long legs; but some people find it puts pressure underneath their thighs which is uncomfortable - comfort matters, adjust the chair to your comfort needs). A few people like the seat tilted forward; this may indicate you need a footrest, or you like sitting bolt upright - if this is the case it may take a few days to become comfortable with the semi-reclined working posture provided by the Perform Ergo Chair.

Step 5 - Sit back, check how good it feels
Now do a final check; in the adjusted position does the chair feel good? Does it support you and can you relax your back, neck and shoulders while working? If you need to, make some fine adjustments to any of the levers until you feel well supported. Minor adjustments can make a big difference.

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