Perform Ergo Chair Range

Perform Lumbar
Tall backrest, lumbar enhanced, highly comfortable, 75 mm enduro foam seat
Tall backrest with pronounced lumbar support. This chair is often preferred by people who enjoy traditional lumbar support. The seat is very comfortable and is the same dimension as the standard Perform Ergo chair.
  • Options available: Wide and Long seat to adapts to any body type and proportions. Perform Lumbar Long Seat withTall backrest, lumbar enhanced, highly comfortable, long seat. Lumbar support with the longer seat is suitable for people who are around the 6-foot mark or who have length in their legs.

Perform Ergo
Tall posture-enhancing backrest, 75 mm enduro foam seat, highly comfortable
Designed by Tasmanian Physiotherapist, Michael Roberts with over 20 years experience in occupational health, safety & ergonomics. The Perform Ergo encourages posturally supportive reclined sitting, similar to the angle of backrest while driving. This improves back, neck & shoulder posture while reducing lumbar disc pressure and muscle tension. The Perform Ergo chair provides excellent overall ergonomics in most seated work situations. Suitable size for most people under 6-foot.
  • Options available: Wide and Long seat to adapts to any body type and proportions. Perform Ergo Long Seat withTall posture-enhancing backrest, long seat, highly comfortable. This chair has the same backrest as the regular Perform Ergo, but the seat is longer giving greater overall support for people with longer legs or who are above the 6-foot mark.

Super Ergo
Extra large backrest, executive style, lumbar enhanced webbing support, wide seat, heavy duty
The fully ergonomic chair with a taller backrest and pronounced lumbar support is highly supportive executive style ergonomic chair. It has a wider seat for extra comfort and comes standard with adjustable T-arms. The Super Ergo has a heavy duty mechanism and carries a 5 year warranty


  • All Perform Ergonomics chairs can be fitted with friction castors, adjustable armrests, chrome fittings, tall or short gas struts, drafting kits with rings and in various upholstery fabric.