Perform Ergonomics is a Hobart based ergonomic supplies business owned by Lisa FitzGerald.

Lisa FitzGerald has a background in health with 15 years as a registered nurse. She currently focuses on the business of supplying individuals and organizations with ergonomic equipment. 


About Us

Strain injuries are often caused by poor posture and inadequate equipment – it’s amazing how a well set ergonomic chair and the addition of a good footrest can often settle an employee’s soreness and prevent a Worker’s Compensation claim from beginning or worsening. Don’t roll the dice on cheap equipment or unqualified advice; buy quality from people who understand ergonomics and causes of injury.

We also provide a wide range of other high quality ergonomic office chairs made in Tasmania. All ergonomic office chairs sold by Perform Ergonomics carry a 3-year warranty – so you can be sure we use the highest quality components and suppliers to build our chairs. And we offer a FREE ONE WEEK CHAIR TRIAL. To learn more about our range of ergonomic chairs click here.

So that you get the most out of your ergonomic chairs we provide a FREE CHAIR AUDIT service. This is an obligation-free service with a detailed report about the condition of all your office ergonomic chairs. To learn more about our FREE CHAIR AUDITS click here.

Perform Ergonomics also carries a specialist range of other ergonomic products and has the ergonomic expertise to advise you when selecting specialist equipment. Our range includes:
  • custom document stands
  • high quality footrests
  • monitor raisers